How to Prepare for a Home Inspection?

Home inspections are performed for various reasons. You may be selling a home or just looking to find new insurance. Your home must be in top form if you plan on having an inspector look it over. Even the smallest details can affect the outcome of an inspection. Inspectors are trained to spot problems in the earliest stages of development. Dividing your home into the following sections may help you in finding things that should be fixed before having an inspector come to your home. Forever Guard EAS Environmental Clean Slate Services Elite Moisture Solutions Fast Response Cleaning & Restoration Elite Garage Door Repair Local Garage Door Services Inc


The exterior of your home includes the roof, siding, windows, foundation and garage. Exterior doors and windows should be checked to make sure they seal properly. Broken or missing pieces of siding should be repaired, in addition to some areas of the roof or sidewalk. If your home has a chimney, make sure it is properly ventilated. The yard should be mowed and trimmed as well. Mulch or gravel should be moved away from the base of the foundation.


Inside the home, all electric appliances and outlets should be in good working order. The main electrical box should be easily accessible. All of the plumbing should work as well. It is always a good idea to have the home clean and free of clutter. Home inspections are not a contest to see who has the cleanest home, but it is helpful if the inspector does not have to move items or boxes when checking out various fixtures.

Cracks in walls and ceilings should be repaired prior to a home inspection. In some cases, it might be beneficial to paint the walls in high traffic rooms to remove fingerprints or marks. Always sweep and mop the floors as well, so the condition of the floor is visible.


As part of every home inspection, the attic, basement or crawlspace will be thoroughly checked. Always make sure there is proper ventilation and that all external vents are free of debris. Insulation should be properly installed and located away from vents. Basements and crawl spaces should be dry, with any leaks being repaired prior to the inspection. Electrical wiring should be in good working order and properly secured.

HVAC System

Your home’s heating and cooling system should be fully functional. All filters and vents should be changed or cleaned per the instructions for the unit. Cleaning the duct work may also be beneficial. Thermostats should be operational and easily accessible during the inspection. Most inspectors will have you turn on the furnace and the central air unit to make sure both are working properly. If you have had your HVAC system upgraded or serviced, you may want to include a copy of the invoice so the inspector can put it in with his records.

Home inspections are not performed very often. When they do need to be done, they can give you insight as to what may need to be repaired in your home. It also gives you a fairly good idea as to the value of your home and the quality of its construction. Before calling the inspector and scheduling an appointment, make sure you go over your home thoroughly and fix anything that may detract from its overall value. Doing this is in your best interest as it will make your home more desirable to buyers.

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